There are certain minor vehicle repairs you can put off for a little bit with little harm to yourself or the vehicle. Brake repair work is not one of those.

Because the brakes are literally responsible for stopping the vehicle from crashing every single time you drive it, you should take it upon yourself to do business with nothing but the most stellar brake service professionals that you can find.

When you take your time and find these professionals, they can set you up with repair plans that will keep your vehicle running impeccably. It is also up to you to really understand how your brake systems work, when you should get them fixed, and how you can advocate for yourself and your vehicle each time you take it to the shop.

Utilize the points in this article to get started.

Do you hear screeching? Recognize the red flags that let you know it's time for brake service

Once you hear your brakes start to screech, it's a red flag. It's not necessarily a cause for immediate alarm, but you should definitely take the vehicle to a brake repair shop as quickly as possible. The squealing sound that you hear is a mechanism that is put into place to let you know when your brake pads have worn thin. What you hear is metal on metal, which means that the pads are no longer creating the amount of cushion that your vehicle needs to brake at optimal levels. 

In most cases, this will be a simple fix of swapping out your brake pads, but you may require some more substantial work that involves brake fluid or fixing the rotors. 

Even if you do not hear any sorts of problems, take the time to get brake service every 30,000 miles or so, whether you think that you need it or not. This is toward the upper end of your brake pad lifespan, so getting a set of fresh brake pads will keep you safe. 

Get your vehicle inspected on a regular schedule

Since there are so many parts of your vehicle that work with each other, getting an overall inspection is one of the best steps that you can take. The next time that you go in for an oil change, ask the auto shop to take a look at your brakes and every other component of your vehicle. This will let you know whether any indicator lights are on and whether or not you have any other pressing needs that can put your safety at risk.

Consider these tips and reach out to a brake shop for an appointment.